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SR Serial Laser Cutting Machine

SR Serial Laser Cutting Machine
SR Serial Laser Cutting Machine
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Product Description

SR Serial Laser Cutting Machine

3D Fiber laser cutting definition multi-angle, and multi-direction flexible cutting for different thickness metal-plate by specific fiber laser cutting head ,high-precision capacitive tracking system ,fiber laser source and industry robot system. 3D laser cutting machine utilizes the advantage of the flexibility and performance of the robot .According to the size of the processing workpiece ,in order to teach-programming or offline-programming different tracks on different products ,the robot can be installed correctly or inversely .The robot sixth axis loaded fiber laser cutting head is also able to do the 3D cutting on the irregular processing workpiece.

Fiber laser cutting head is equipped with servo-device and optical transmission device .The laser is transmitted to cutting head through the optical fiber ,then it can be focalized by the operating system.Towards the unequal thickness metal-plate ,now we are developing the different kinds of the focus system to cut the variety of 3D metal-plate with muti-direction.

According the unequal thickness of the metal-plate, the power of the selected laser source is not same as well.Normally the 3D fiber cutting machine has 200W,300W,400W,.500W and 1000W models etc.Laser machine equips with different cooling system which bases on the power of the laser source in order to safeguard the normal operation .Meanwhile according to the operation radius of the manipulator and the size of the processing workpiece, to select the operation fiber transmission laser of the appropriate length ,to meet the demand of the customers.

3D fiber laser cutting machine works with auxiliary gas is 99,99% oxygen, can greatly improve the precision of the cutting ,speed and cross section.

3D Fiber laser cutting quality is affected by following factors

    The power of the laser machine
    The pressure and purity of the auxiliary pressure
    Focal length of the cutting head
    The thickness of the processing workpiece
    Robots module positioning accuracy of the demonstrating track and offline programming

Robots repeat accuracy of the path , repeat positioning accuracy and speed 3D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is extensively used for Automobile manufacturing,engineering machinery,metal-plate processing and aerospace industry etc . The successful application of HG Farley 3D Fiber laser cutting machine has gained huge market effect in the domestic automobile manufacturing ,auto-parts and engineering machinery processing field. We also resonate a professional reputation among the customers.

Laser Source
Fiber 200-500W

Laser Source

Fiber 200-500W

Main Processing Parts

Automotive Forming Plates

Processing Scale


Max. Thickness of Cutting Board MS


Max. Thickness of Cutting Board SS


Max. Thickness of Cutting Board AL